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Running a Marathon in Phuket

28 June 2018

One of the greatest personal goals a human being can strive for in life is to run a marathon.

A marathon is 42.195 kilometres long and the average time for a marathon is decreasing every year with more and more people training and completing this incredible race. Over the last decade, marathon runners have grown so considerably that most people know at least one person that has attempted to train for and run a marathon. Since this is such a difficult task, training for a marathon is a year-long task that requires intense discipline, commitment and even some sacrifice. Indeed, some marathon runners, even train on their holidays and it’s no different from runners coming to enjoy the sights and sounds of Phuket. Here are some valuable tips for runners who are looking to train in Phuket.

Phuket: Thailand’s favourite running spot

Although, it is well-known globally as a tourist destination, Phuket is regarded by many as the running capital of Thailand. Our big island is huge and there is plenty of space for all kinds of runners to enjoy their running/training just the way the like it. Phuket has many trails that run through the jungle and out onto the beach and there are also plenty of urban trails that follow the road and stay parallel with the sea. Here are a couple of interesting running destinations for you to check out.

Patong Beach

Energetic and exciting, people have been visiting Phuket just for Patong over the last couple of decades. Sure, the night-life and vibrant attractions are still the biggest draws in Patong but that it is one of the best-kept running secrets in Thailand, says a lot about the place. Patong Beach is wide and flat and it is fine and beautiful sand that is ideal for running and training for the entirety of its 2/6 km. You can also run along the 4233 Road that has a good sidewalk between the road and the beach. Incline training is also possible by running up the Patong Headland that leads towards Karon and Kata Beach, for a real challenge you could try to conquer Kalim Hill from Patong and make the return trip!

Karon and Kata Beach

Like Patong, these west coast beaches are incredible for running on, since the sand and space are extremely complementary to runners. They have beautiful views and even some inclines in there to make it challenging. It could be worth your while to run from Karon to Kata or vice-versa as there is enough diversity in the run to keep even the strongest runner will happy.

Suan Luang/King Rama 9 Park

For something a bit more familiar and relaxing, Suan Luang or King Rama 9 park is a great opportunity to enjoy tropical vegetation in a park setting. It’s only a 4 km loop but you can extend it by going through the paths in the park.

Big Buddha Hill

For a challenging hill course, Big Buddha Hill is a great trail. 9 kilometres in total, this run has a steep climb which features a beautiful marble Buddha statue and great view in the end! For a more challenging hill run, the Patong-Kalim Hill run is your best bet.

The Laguna Phuket Marathon

The recently-completed Laguna Phuket Marathon is the biggest race in Phuket for many marathoners. This year’s race attracted the largest field of runners (9000), the largest number of international participants (1,300) and the largest ever participation in every race category from the full marathon to the 10.5-kilometre race. The best way to prepare for a marathon is to start training for next year, so mark your calendar for the 2019 Laguna Phuket Marathon!

Join us at the Holiday Inn Resort Phuket to train before your race in Patong Beach or join us after the race for a well-deserved break! We’re more than happy to help you reach your marathon goals with comfortable rooms for optimum rest and relaxation!


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