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Thao Thep Festival

11 March 2019

Experience the Thao Thep Festival in March from our Kids-Friendly Hotel

The kids-friendly Holiday Inn Resort Phuket hotel is one of the perfect places to bring the whole family to experience the once-in-a-lifetime spectacle of Phuket’s Thao Thep Festival which takes place for about two weeks in the Thalang area of the island.

The Thao Thep Festival is held every March to commemorate the bravery of two local Phuket women, Thao Thep Kasattri and Thao Si Sunthon, for protecting the island from attack by the Burmese army for five weeks beginning in 1785.

A prominent statue of the two sword-wielding heroines is located on the main highway (402) between the Phuket International Airport and Phuket town.

An Exciting Event for Young and Old

The festival is one of the island’s main, annual events. It features both sporting events, historical re-enactments and rituals. The sporting events include a Sepak Takraw tournament (a type of acrobatic volleyball played with the feet) bicycle races, a tug o’ war and a mini-marathon.

The rituals include an Uppasombot Moo, which is a Buddhist ordination ceremony, and display of the Thai boxing Wai Kru ceremony, which is a display of respect performed by boxers toward their teachers and mentors.

But the can’t-miss event of the festival is the re-enactment and historical display of the history of Phuket. It’s performed by over 300 actors, has been taking place since 1980 and it’s all organised by members of the island’s community. This vibrant and colourful show takes place on the Thalang Victory Memorial Field and the lighting and sound effects are highly impressive.

The festival is intended for the Islanders, but everyone is welcome. Of course, what would a festival be without plenty of food and handicrafts on display? The Thao Thep Festival certainly doesn’t disappoint in this area, with tons of stalls offering the island’s finest handicrafts and just as many stalls serving up mouth-watering Thai seafood, noodle dishes, curries and rice and desserts that will have everyone walking the grounds in satisfied comfort.

As you’re walking and enjoying the handicrafts and endless food on offer, you might encounter sword-dancing shows, traditional lullaby singing and shadow puppet shows as well. There is literally something interesting going on at every turn.

The Holiday Inn Resort Phuket is the Perfect Place for the Whole Family

Your whole family can enjoy the kids-friendly atmosphere of our hotel throughout the day and then make multiple excursions out to the Thao Thep Festival grounds once the sun sets to experience all the cultural food, handicrafts and colourful action of this special festival that’s is seen nowhere else in Thailand.

Your kids will love our Kid’s Club and our special Kid’s Pool. Their days will be filled with games, crafts and fun in the water and, once the sun sets, special excursions will be on offer to take the whole family out to the festival grounds.

Adults can enjoy checking out the shops and attractions of Patong during the day, secure in the knowledge that their kids are enjoying the time of their lives in supervised activities back at the hotel.

We also feature daily excursions that the entire family is welcome to join. These excursions take you to various interesting attractions around the island and introduce you to life in Phuket.

Book your family holiday in March at the Holiday Inn Resort Phuket hotel and enjoy all the fun and kid’s-friendly features that the Holiday Inn is known for, with the added bonus of being able to attend one of the largest festivals of the year in Phuket while you’re staying with us. It’s a holiday that you’ll have fond memories of for years to come.


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