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Local Thai Food You Don’t Want to Miss in Phuket

25 September 2017

Thai food has constantly been a lot of people’s favorite. Full of flavours, pungent and that herby hotness that doesn’t come all at once but stir internally with intensity, Thai food is all about using a lot of local herbs, spice, and sometimes along with coconut.

Although the classic Pad Thai and the spicy Tomyum Goong are probably the most ordered dishes, we think knowing some few more choices on the menu would make you experience more local culture and food is always a good way to go.

 Here are some of the must-try southern Thai food all first-timers should look out and order next time you’re in any Patong restaurants or choose to dine with us in Charm Thai at the open-air sala by the pool.


Tom Kah Gai

It’s time to stop ordering Tom Yum Goong and try this delicious soup instead. Silky and aromatic from the lemongrass, lime leaves and the wonderful essence of galangal which the menu got its name from. Though the flavour is complex, Tom Kah Gai’s important ingredient is the coconut milk that gives the soup the unique texture. Here at our restaurant, Charm Thai, Tom Kah Gai is one of our signature dishes. We make sure to cook it with the freshest local produce and prepare it with love and authenticity.


Kua Kling

Southern style of spicy minced pork salad. The true beauty of this dish comes from the intense spice and herb that integrated with the meat. Topped with aromatic of thinly sliced kaffir lime leaves, and sometimes full peppercorns, this dish goes amazingly well with a plate of hot, steamy rice.


Choo Chee Goong

Phuket is by the sea, of course you have to order some seafood! Choo Chee Goong is a Thai home-style red-curry paste dish that has extremely strong flavours. With the fresh prawn or Goong, the curry will absorb the juicy red curry so well that you’ll be asking for more. This dish is elevated to making use of fresh lobster from the Andaman sea available at our open-air sala restaurant, Charm Thai.


Khao Yam

A rich source of fiber and nutrition, Khao Yam is a mixture of fresh herbs and plants with a tangy sauce normally served with dried shrimp or coconut flakes for that extra crunch. Influenced by Malaysian cuisine, this rice salad is a southern Thai favorite breakfast dish that allows all the ingredients to shine out but, at the same time, work well together in perfect harmony.


Nam Prik Goong Siap

The famous dipping sauce from the south is served along with fresh or steamed vegetables. Every region has its own unique version of Nam Prik, for the south especially Phuket, it’s Nam Prik Goong Siap. Make primarily of crushing together chillies with various ingredients such as garlic and shrimp paste, Nam Prik Goong Siap is a staple dish in every Southern restaurant menu.


As you can see, Thai food is all about the herbs and spices that has a complexity to the taste that make use of what’s locally found in the nature and make use of the surrounding landscape. More than that, there’s always a seafood component to most dishes, as we all know the importance of Thai’s industry in ocean fisheries and agriculture.

 If you’re first trying out these dishes, don’t forget to ask for them to make it less spicy or “mai ped” because there is no denying that southern Thai food might just be the hottest cuisine in Thai cuisine.


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