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The Phuket Lobster Festival is back

07 August 2018

The Phuket Lobster Festival is back!

In 2017, UNESCO awarded Phuket a rare honour. For the year 2017, Phuket was considered one of the 18 Gastronomy by the world body, recognizing Phuket’s contribution to food. Anyone who has visited Phuket will attest that the Thai island has always been famous for its food but in particular, its seafood.

Seafood in Phuket has long been held to a higher standard and this is for good reason. Phuket receives bountiful catch from the Andaman Sea, which has long been an excellent source of seafood. Over the years, Phuket has been celebrating its excellent seafood by making scores of delectable dishes that have impressed Thai and foreign visitors alike.

What is the Phuket Lobster Festival?

The Phuket Lobster Festival has become an important tradition that has spread over the entire island. Created by a host of groups from the government, the private sector and even the civil sector, the Phuket Lobster Festival has reached almost every corner of the island.

Over 200 restaurants participated in last year’s Lobster Festival by creating special lobster dishes for people to enjoy. Many of the restaurants even had special promotions and signature dishes on August 12, which is when Thailand celebrates Mother’s Day.

Why is Phuket Lobster so Special?

Phuket Lobster is a different species of lobster that is native to the water around the island. While the Phuket Lobster Festival serves up both Phuket Lobster and Rock Lobster (which is also found here), it is the Phuket Lobster that is prized above all.

The main difference between the Phuket Lobster and other lobsters is that the shell is very thin and this lobster is more delicate and contains more meat than the average lobster. Most experts recommend buying a lobster that is around 700-800 grams in size, although the heavier the lobster is, the tastier the meat will be.

This is useful to know because Phuket Lobsters and regular lobsters of the same weight will yield different amounts of meat. Since Phuket Lobsters have lighter shells, they yield more meat and their meat is very rich and sweet but not mushy like some other lobster varieties.

There are so many ways to prepare lobster in Phuket’s diverse culinary scene. Steaming, roasting, grilling, frying or even as lobster sashimi; the lobster options are numerous and scintillating.

Recommended Lobster Dishes

Now, this is a very tough task as it feels like choosing a few out of hundreds of incredible dishes, all with their own unique appeal. However, some of these dishes are absolutely worth trying so we’re recommending them.

  • Lobster with Chilli and Salt
  • Lobster with Cumin
  • Lobster Thermidor
  • Lobster Sashimi
  • Lobster Popcorn
  • Lobster Soup Thai Style
  • Stir-fried Lobster with Cashew Nut Sauce
  • Pad Thai Lobster
  • Baked Lobster with Garlic and Butter Sauce

The delicious Phuket Lobster is waiting for visitors all through the month of August. Buying a lobster is slightly expensive but it is a delight that many seafood lovers enjoy. There are many restaurants throughout Phuket that allow patrons to bring in their own lobster (or any other seafood) and the restaurant prepares the food accordingly. It is a good idea to check the restaurants that have this policy beforehand before walking in with your own lobster!

Visiting Phuket during the Lobster Festival will be a real treat for your palette but you can continue pampering the rest of your senses as well. Stay at the Holiday Inn Resort Phuket, conveniently located on Patong Beach, to enjoy a comfortable experience during your culinary adventures.


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