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Visiting Phuket For Medical Tourism

20 November 2017

Phuket has been a popular tourist hub and destination for awhile. Many visitors from Australia/New Zealand, China, United Kingdom and United States to name a view fall in love with the Kingdom of Smiles. Whilst many come for the great beaches, islands, food and nightlife, there is a rise of combining sun and surgery.

With international accredited doctors and hospitals, lower overall costs and having the ability to recover in a beautiful and accessible setting. It’s easy to see why many are looking to plan their next cosmetic and elective surgeries, overseas.

Benefits of Medical Tourism in Phuket

One of the biggest reasons overseas visitors look to Thailand for medical treatments can be the cost. However looking deeper there are many more benefits to why you might look overseas.

  • Start to Finish Service: With medical tourism agencies available, they can handle everything from helping you select the right doctor for you, to post-care hotel. You’ll be looked after every step of the way and usually in the comfort of a 4 or 5 star hotel.
  • Gold Standard Certification: Going East doesn’t mean a drop in quality. In fact, many doctors and hospitals are accredited with many top boards and certifications, like the United States Joint Commission International (JCI) certification. They are also usually trained at some of the top international colleges and universities. Plus, with a large volume of tourists coming for medical tourism it also means these practitioners are skilled with the experience that comes from performing a high volume of these highly specialised procedures.
  • State Of The Art Technology: Many of the hospitals are equipped with the latest in medical technology.
  • Cost-Saving: The costs are a factor. You can get high quality at a fraction of the price of the west, plus full service in luxurious settings. You don’t have to compromise on any aspect of the procedure or healing process, with costs being lower, you can get a full package for the same or less than in your home country.

 How To Start The Medical Tourism Process

There are a few routes you can take when thinking about coming to Phuket for Medical Tourism.

  • Medical Tourism Agency: Usually the best option for a first-time visit. There are many international agencies that have offices both in your home country and Thailand. They can coordinate everything for you and provide the information you need to make the best decision for you. They’ve filtered out the research process so you don’t need to feel overwhelmed. They’ll curate everything you need to know so you’re getting the best information possible.

  • Search By Doctor Or Hospital: If you know what type of procedure you are after, you can consider researching by specialist or a hospital with a specialist department in the area of choice. You’ll feel safe knowing the doctor you have chosen has performed the surgery many time in many situations.

  • View By Accreditation: For the best quality, search by accreditations of the doctor or hospital. This will ensure you are cross-comparing by the same specifications as back home.

Why Choose Phuket

Choosing Phuket as the place to have your medical or dental procedures is a perfect choice. Usually the big cities like Bangkok are crowded with heavy traffic. They don’t make the ideal place for getting around easily and recovering in peace.

As a tourist destination, Phuket is tourist friendly with many family resorts and high-end hotels. You’ll know you’re receiving the top level of service needed post-surgery. You’ll have access to pools, easy dining and a tropical environment.

After the surgery, you’ll be able to soak up the holiday atmosphere, making for a much quicker recovery.


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