Holiday Inn Resort Phuket

52 Thaweewong Road Patong, Kathu, Phuket 83150
+66 (0) 76 370 200 Free call 001 800 656 888

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  • IHG Your Rate

    The best experiences in the world start with Your Rate. It is our exclusive IHG®Rewards Club and it is only available when you book directly with us.


    Your Rate is more than the best deal and great rewards. IHG® Rewards Club members also receive:

    • Free Wi-Fi to keep you connected on all devices

    • IHG Member priority check-in and late check-out for Elite member

    • No blackout dates for IHG Reward Night


    Terms and conditions:

    • Must book 5 days in advance.

    • All reservations are final, cannot be amended and require full, non-refundable payment for the entire stay at time of booking.

    • Additional persons will be charged as per consumption.

    • Not combinable with any other offer or promotion. Best price guarantee, when you Book directly with us, we promise you’ll always get the lowest price. Not a member yet? There’s a reason over 100 million people have enrolled in IHG®Rewards Club. Come to discover it for yourself and enjoy Your Rate promotion now!

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